My Latest Project – #NaNoWriMo 2017

Hey, y’all! 🙂

How have you been? I haven’t talked to you guys in awhile. Things have been going well with me lately. I’m just chilling in Vermont, working on my novel…

Oh? What’s that? You didn’t hear? I’m writing my debut novel for NaNoWriMo this year! (And yes, I’m a poet who didn’t know it 😉)


Anyway, yes, I am partaking in National Novel Writing Month for technically the second time. I tried it in college, but to no avail, because the life of a student is hectic, to say the least. But then, after going down the short story anthology route (I did a post on this on my lifestyle blog here), and after going down the self-publishing route (which I explain here), I finally decided to go for it. It’s finally time.

If you want to know more about NaNoWriMo, check out their website.

I am super excited for the novel I’m writing. As of this post, I’m over 5k in words, so I’m over target. I’m hoping I can keep this streak up throughout the month…and I feel like I can.

Which leads me to the next thing I want to talk to you about: I will be posting NaNoWriMo updates weekly here on my website! (cue cheer track)

These may be pretty quick updates as, hey, I’m working on a book, but I still want to keep you in the loop of how my writing is going. Will I share excerpts? Probably not, BUT I know some of y’all are curious about my writing process, and even how NaNoWriMo works (read: fast-paced insanity in the best way), so I figured these little posts will help you decide if you, dear reader, want to give NaNoWriMo a shot.

In short, this novel will, after revisions and editing, be published in 2018. Please stay tuned for the details.

I can’t wait for y’all to come along with me on this amazing journey! 😄