#AuthorLifeMonth 2020 – Days 1 and 2

Hi, everybody! And a special “hi” to those of you fabulous readers who are new!

I stumbled across a tag on my Instagram feed yesterday called #authorlifemonth. Intrigued, I clicked on the caption of a post from one of the authors I follow, and I decided, “You know what? Let’s jump in.” (Or something along those lines).

Because the tag started February 1, I figured I’d blog a few days at a time here (because, let’s be honest, this blog needs a little extra love; it’s my author website, after all!). Plus, there are some parts of the tag that I feel would be better described in words than an Instagram post.

(For the curious, here is the original post documenting the tag, what’s up to bat for each day, etc.)

So, let’s actually jump in. Here are my first two posts for this year’s #AuthorLifeMonth!

Day #1: Me


Hi! I’m Savannah! I’m the author of not only this blog, but of three self-published works currently on Amazon (more on those in a minute). I am a pink-haired, glitter-loving, Jesus-following gal who adores the written word on the page.

I’ve been coming up with stories in some sort of capacity for as long as I can remember, whether that was swapping the names of characters in children’s books as I read them aloud, drawing comics and characters on paper, or writing actual stories of my own. In college, though, I decided that creative writing was something I wanted to wholeheartedly pursue. Today, creative writing is still my favorite craft, and I can’t wait to see where God leads me through this talent He gave me!

Day #2: My Books


Now for the fun stuff! Here are the three books I have on offer on Amazon as of this post:

🧛🏻‍♀️ “Turn the Town”: a short story adventure/thriller about two best friends who are powerful in mysterious ways.

⚓️ “The Pirate College”: a short story comedy in which a crew of best guy friends attend pirate school; hijinks ensue.

💻 “Do Life”: a Sci-Fi thriller novella in which video game characters become self-aware and try to escape; inspired by the Sims!

You can find my titles self-published on Amazon. Also, you’d best believe I have some more stuff in the works, including drafting three novel manuscripts (yes. THREE.) and a Christmas special I intend to self-publish later this year!


Thanks for reading, and I’m excited to have fun with this tag this month!

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